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24 July 2009

Farewell Daria’s Day…Hellooooo Daria + Andy Blog!!

Welcome to the final post at Daria's Day...(sniff sniff!)...

Andy and I have a BRAND NEW BLOG and WEBSITE and it is going to be home to all things fun and new. Since Andy came on board two years ago to join Daria Bishop Photography things have changed so much for the better. We wanted to reflect Andy and I as a team with a new look and a slight name change…Daria Bishop Photographers. Andy just never felt right about posting to “Daria’s Day” for obvious reasons, so now we will both be able to contribute fun and fresh content to keep things exciting.

Don’t you worry though, if you miss the posts at Daria’s Day, it will always be easy to get to through the new blog, under “Links”.

We can’t wait to start fresh, so come on over and CHECK IT OUT!! Can't wait to see you there. And be sure to let us know what you think of the new look.

with love,

p.s. Don't forget to update your RSS feed on the new blog!!

19 July 2009

We're Changing Things Up!!

Andy has been working like crazy on our new website and blog and in the next few days we will be launching our completely fun, fresh, new look!!

Here is a sneak peak at our new logo and color scheme....

Be sure to check back soon!!



16 July 2009

E-Session: Amanda + Jude

Amanda + Jude couldn't have picked a more gorgeous day to meet up for their engagement session. As you will soon see, the cloud formations were amazing. But more amazing than the sky was the incredible bond these two have for each other. Amanda + Jude are crazy in love and so sweet to each other. It was a joy to capture!
Andy and I will be a part of their wedding day magic at the Echo Center in Burlington next month. It promises to be an extra special day and we are really looking forward to it!!
Oh, and I can't forget to thank Amanda's spunky-as-all-get-out mom, Pat, for being the dog sitter extraordinaire for Bella during the session!! Thanks Pat! :)

See you all soon!!

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13 July 2009

The Silver Lining

Here in New England we've had an unusually cool and rainy summer so far. I'm pretty sure it's rained almost every day since summer started. Since we have about 6 months of cold winter and flannel sheets, I live for the summer months when it's warm and sunny. The upside to this weather is the dramatic cloudy skies that we've had each day. They've been nothing short of amazing! The cloudscapes remind me of Maxfield Parrish paintings. He lived a few miles from Vermont in Plainfield, New Hampshire for most of his life. Now I can see where he got his inspiration.
I've been driving around for the last week with my camera and captured some of the beauty to share with you. I even found a poem to include with the post, that you'll find at the end.

On Shelburne Pond
The next few are in Williston

Here's one taken through the car windshield looking toward Mount Mansfield. Don't worry, I was the only one on the bridge.Hinesburg
Our home would be right in the middle of this one.


I sail with you
The heavens blue, Transported into regions new.
On lightest wing
I soar and sing,
And quaff the cool elysian spring.
Without a care
To drift in air; Oh! who would not such rapture share?
Thus glad and free
Our course shall be O'er verdant land and shimmering sea.
Your fleeces white
With silvery light,
So shining fair, so softly bright,
E'en now they fail;
Yet why bewail
The change to yonder lucent veil
That floateth by
To faint and lie,
A fading speck in azure sky?
A moment's grace,
A film of lace,
That too has gone, nor left a trace.
Yet still I seem,
As in a dream,
To sail the swift aerial stream;
And still on high
My soul doth fly on joyful wing through ample sky.

--Emily Tolman, 1914

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09 July 2009

Karen + Alex Get Married!

Hair: Indigo, Burlington
Make-up: Mirror Mirror, Burlington
Ceremony: Shelburne United Methodist Church
Reception/Catering: The Old Lantern, Charlotte
Flower Bouquets: Claussen's Florists
Flower Arrangements and Decor at The Old Lantern: Michael Valente, A dear friend of the family
Dessert: Ben + Jerry's Ice Cream Cart
Band: The Phil Abair Band

You may recall Karen + Alex from their fabulous e-session last autumn. It was a perfect autumn day and they lucked out with the weather on their wedding day as well. They scheduled plenty of time for photos, so it was very relaxed and fun day!
Karen + Alex are so completely crazy in love and their friends and family are some of the nicest people imaginable, so it was a true honor to be a part of their celebration!
And now for the photos....

Andy met up with Karen and her girls in Burlington to capture some of the getting ready moments.
Andy grabbed this great shot of Alex and his brother getting ready at the Heart of the Village Inn in Shelburne.
The dress.
I started the day at Karen's parents' home. Karen looked absolutely stunning in her dress!
The handsome guys.
Adorning the bouquet with a beautiful brooch.
Karen + Alex chose to see each other before the ceremony. So we made a plan to meet up at the Shelburne Museum for some photos. Karen's sister was so sweet as she made sure the dress didn't drag as we walked around the grounds in search of fun backdrops.
The first look....

There was no shortage of gorgeous spots for some relaxed portraits.

Andy caught this one. I love it!

We met the family and wedding party back at the Heart of the Village Inn to photograph the groups. We had some extra time for some fun ones too!
It was finally time for the ceremony. Here, Alex waits for the his cue to go inside.
A couple of my favorite ceremony moments...

This is my favorite image of the melts my heart.
Karen had her heart set on a photo of the wedding party in front of the covered bridge. We like making wishes come true. :)
Karen was inspired to do these cute little drink tags from a wedding she saw here on the blog last summer. So fun!!
I loved Karen's colors! Here are a handful of details from the day....

I've never seen the Old Lantern look more beautiful than at Karen + Alex's wedding!!

A very romantic first dance.
The toasts were full of emotion!
I love this!


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